After 40 years — we are done.

Many thanks...

It started with Schweizer in NY and DeHavilland in Canada in the late 1970's (DHC, a regular customer the whole time) ..we have had variety of small jobs for OEM —Sikorsky, just this year.  But, with a kickstart by the AOPA in about 1980, we were able to build a resume of GA product and got to work full-time on our covers.

The dot-com bust hit us all hard  ...9/11  ...2008 put large dents in GA, but we were lucky to have stayed small with plenty of reserves; we remained stable.  We switched to  'open invoice' a number of years ago, and there are always a few 'no pays' —the most outstanding was a Long Island flight school who clipped us for four covers— but overall, it cost less than the 'rent seekers' who kept raising CC charges.  

I was very fortunate to have had people like Sharon Scott and Cindy Weber with us the whole time. It was their work that allowed me to look more capable than I was. 

My wife, a surgical RN, carried a lot of water.  I tell people; "She went to work; I stayed home and sewed."

Anyway, it was fun and I thank you for your orders and many kind words. 

Spare parts

Even though we are done sewing, 

there are some who need a buckle

replaced or a specific bungee for a

highwing.  Please send me an  email 

I can probably help.   Thanks  again

and all the best.  

Jim Cancil